HEART Emcarta, INC

This was a 1 year engagement to create a mobile application to service Patients and Healthcare providers in Canada.

Emcarta’s goal was to launch Heart™, an open-source public health service for communications on personal computers and digital devices. Heart provides discovery services to network with subsidiary and third-party programs, devices and content.


UX/UI Designer & Business Analyst


Project Manager, 2 Backend Developers, Front End Developer, Junior UX Designer


Emcarta INC, is a consortium of Canadian professors, doctors, researchers, universities and hospitals focused on the betterment of the Canadian Healthcare system & it’s patients. Emcarta INC launched a multi-phase operation to not only better connect patients with healthcare providers, but to track macro-health trends and concerns effecting Canadian citizens across all the providences. Genome mapping was the final phase to understand the overall health concerns for Cananda.

Emcarta Inc Website

Project Overview

Emcarta INC was just formed and was in need of their first product to launch Phase 1 of the HEART project. The goal of HEART was to directly connect Canadian patients to healthcare providers through a mobile application that would match via location & availability, which is a tremendous issue facing the Canadian healthcare system. In cities like Toronto, appointments are sometimes not available due to demand, where in extreme rural communities location is critical to finding the right healthcare provider.

The goal of the project was to launch a viable mobile application that was in compliance with all Canadian health regulations, that directly connects patients with healthcare providers. The application was able to book appointments, transmit and receive confidential medical records.


Having worked on several medical projects, I was very familiar with HIPPA guidelines in America, Canadian regulations is something completely different because there are 13 different providences (10 Providences and 3 territories) and each one has wildly different health regulations and standards. When working on a project that crosses multiple providences (and territories) you have to present a UI & data transference system that is in compliance with them all. In addition to the location issue we had to consider that ALL types of healthcare providers would need to use this applications, from a chiropractor to a brain surgeon, all specialties needed to be considered.

To add an extra element of difficulty being an American working on this project, is the way health insurance fits into the equation. Canada’s free healthcare system was a huge learning curve in understanding how patients find and choose doctors, in addition to learning about secondary insurance Canadians can purchase.

The Process

Step 1: User Research

The first part of the project was to have a clear understanding of all the stakeholders that would be using this application. Having access to doctors, professors and patients as part of Emcarta’s consortium, we were able to have interviews with multiple types of stakeholders to develop a project that patients need and go use, and that healthcare providers can integrate with their practices. The interviews also uncovered what challenges patients have with their current health-care system.

Step 2: Application Design & Integrations

Having documented & quantified the users’ personas and functionality needed to support their workflows, the next piece was to design the Site-Map, Wireframes & User Interactions. Taking the users current workflows, I broke down the core needs of the application while understanding all the problem and pain points of the current system. Using interactive mock-ups, I was able to test workflows against real-world situations and outlying cases.

Step 3: UI Design

The last step in the design process was to organize and create an ascetic for the application. Having identified all the needed functionality and displays, the goal of the step was to create two bespoke interfaces for the Patients and Healthcare providers to utilize. In addition we had to consider the tremendous amount of patient data and security in transmitting and receiving this type of information. Emcarta was a brand new company at the time of the project, I was able to work from scratch to create brand guidelines and a style guide to support the HEART application & other Emcarta products.

Project Outcome

The designs were taken to development for prototyping for testing & government approval. The testing & requests were successful and Emcarta INC launched beta testing for Heart. HEART BETA is now live and currently on version HEART should go live sometime in 2020 if all Beta testing is successful in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary & Quebec City.