This 4+ year engagement was to overhaul and reimagine Microwave Frequency Coordination & Management.

The CONNECT+ application is a multi-phase project that works to modernize and update the way Comsearch manages their client’s microwave frequency coordination and the way their clients interact with them.


UX/UI Designer & Business Analyst


Project Manager, 2 Backend Developers, 1 Front End Developer, 2 QA Testers


Comsearch is the preeminent global provider of wireless spectrum management and engineering products and services. They have developed industry-standard interference analysis and mitigation processes and procedures, and maintain state-of-the-art software and comprehensive databases used in the design of complex wireless systems. Comsearch’s commercial and government customers rely on us for innovative yet cost-effective solutions to the challenges posed by 21st century wireless deployments. Comsearch offers first-rate customer service combined with history, expertise, and capabilities servicing thousands of active customers across the globe.

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Project Overview

Comsearch’s legacy softwares were in desperate need of modernization; these needs created a tremendous amount of inefficiencies and cumbersome workflows for users to accomplish basic tasks. Comsearch’s microwave management involved many different users types, all on different softwares focused on managing their clients microwave frequencies, integrating with the FCC, protections & licensing services.

The goal of the project was to assemble all of the pieces of the legacy software and design them into one application. The entire backend was overhauled and we reimagined in-conjunction with the users a brand new front-end that allowed them to work quicker, better and more effectively.


Comsearch’s legacy software was the opposite of efficient. For users to do basic tasks required multiple screens, paper & pen and a tremendous amount of time spent waiting for the application to “run” day-to-day tasks. The other issue was the legacy software was an amalgamation of small bits of functionality that supported 4 different divisions at Comsearch, all with different user needs. The application was creating inefficient workflows that the users had to adapt to overtime to complete their tasks.

Lastly Comsearch needed a way to communicate directly with their clients, and currently the only way they had was via good old fashion email; they needed a one-stop shop for their clients to handle their coordination, licensing and protection services. Comsearch wanted a direct customer portal for their clients’ usage.

The Process

Step 1: User Research

The first part of the project was to have a clear understanding of all the stakeholders that would be using this application. Having multiple divisions responsible for entirely different things, our goal was to identify the individual portals that would service the different divisions while identifying the current workflow for each user type. Through user stories I documented all needed functionality and where things should live.

Step 2: Application Design & Integrations

Having documented & quantified the users’ personas and functionality needed to support their workflows, the next piece was to design the Site-Map, Wireframes & User Interactions. Taking the users current workflows, I broke down the core needs of the application while understanding all the problem and pain points of the current system. Using interactive mock-ups, I was able to test workflows against real-world situations and outlying cases.

Step 3: UI Design

The last step in the design process was to organize and create an ascetic for the application. Having identified all the needed functionality and displays, the goal of this step was to take a tremendous amount of data and inputs and create a streamlined modern looking interface for the users to accomplish their work. Using the existing Comsearch brand guidelines, I created a style guide for the application that fit seamlessly into the Comsearch product suite while creating a stand-alone identify for the application.

Project Outcome

On June 30, 2019 Connect+ went live with the first phase of functionality for the engineers to coordinate and manage their clients’ requests. Over the next 6 months the entire suite of functionality was launched and the new application completely replaced all legacy systems that Comsearch had previously. In addition to the internal facing portal, Comsearch launched the first ever customer portal for their clients to have direct access to their accounts and all the subsequent information that need to manage their accounts.